What to look for when purchasing UV Sterilizer?

Due to Covid 19 virus outbreak there is a huge demand for disinfection of various things such as groceries, currency, documents etc. The effective and easy to use way of sterilizing these items is UV Sterilization. Hence many companies are now offering these type of products. So how do you choose a right product which will assure you of sterilisation? I will try to emphasize all the points which will help you arrive at the decision…. What to look for when purchasing UV Sterilizer? UV or ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays. UV is categorised into several wavelength ranges such as UVA, UVB and UVC out of these UVC is “germicidal UV”. UVC radiation is absorbed by DNA and RNA, causing changes in their structures and preventing their replication. Thereby destroying the organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus etc. Thus it’s now a popular way of sterilising various things. What can be Sterilised and what can not be?  
  • All things such as groceries, milk bags, currency, documents, vegetables, eatables etc. can be sterilised
  • N95 masks, PPE kits etc. ( with right technically proven product )
  • Any living beings such as humans, animals etc. can not be sterilised, so no Hand sanitisation
The factors affecting UV sterilisation
  1. The UV Fluence or dose required – varies depending on the species such as which bacteria, viruses are to be destroyed
  2. The distance from the UVC lamp
  3. Time of exposure
Important Things
  • Only surfaces on which light falls and for right amount of time will get sterilized.
  • The surfaces unexposed to light will remain unsterile.
  • The surface on which only reflected light is falling will take very much time to get sterilized.
  • The box type product with single UVC lamp can not sterilize your things as the UVC light does not fall directly on all surfaces and bottom side of your product will remain unsterile.
  • Please ask for microbial performance certificate from microbiology laboratory.
  • Remember, nearer the lamp from your product to be sterilised it will get more dose and faster sterilisation.

Keeping these things in mind we have developed a very unique product ULTROZ UV surface Sterilizer. Its tested for its microbiological performance. Handy, easy to use and very fast.